Sunday, January 16, 2011

Photos that I have taken that i hope you will enjoy viewing.

Here are a variety of new photos I took in 2010 & some from 2011 I know you will enjoy.

Wild turkey at the Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge.

Photo of my wife's cat Scooter's

Great Blue Heron at Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge in Ohio.

Canada Goose at Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge.

Great Horned Owlets at Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge.

American Red Squirrel at the Old Woman Creek Refuge, Ohio.

One of several elevated walkways at Old Woman Creek Refuge, Ohio

Mayflower with a snail shell i put in the middle which made the photo.

Two Mallard ducks coming in for a landing at Old Woman Creek Refuge, Ohio. There is always something to photograph ever time me & my wife visit.

Several Great Blue Herons with a single Great Egret Old Woman Creek Refuge, Ohio.

Great Blue Heron flying through Old Woman Creek Refuge, Ohio.

Three baby Raccoons in the Harland Swamp.

Gray Squirrel hanging out in Maple tree at my relatives house, Ohio.

Our new additions to the house hold; Lynx & Mitten's.

Great Horned Owl at a local farm which had a injured left eye which was in good health. Owls hunt mainly by sound not sight like Hawks.

Mittens taking a break from tussling around the house with his brother Lynx.

My wife's cat Scooter's taking a break from the two new kittens or is she waiting to pounce.

Barn Owl at a rehab center in Ohio.

Bobcat who was somebodies pet at rehab center in Ohio.

Lynx planning is next attack.

Photo taken while sitting in my camo blind during hunting season.

Lynx up to no good "again", endless fur ball of energy.

Lynx finally tired of a full day of mischief.

Peregrine Falcon in Lockport NY near one of Dec's Short Eared Owl study areas.

Mitten's taking a break from his brother Lynx.

Two Short Eared Owls perched on Orchard trees waiting for us to clear out of their roost site.

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