Saturday, March 1, 2008

Other wildlife and nature photos you'll enjoy.

Full Moon - our universe.

Common Gray Tree Frog

Waxing Crescent Moon

Robin fledgling


Belted Kingfisher - Golden Hill State Park.

Barker Polar Bear- Just having fun with photography

Morning Glory in backyard garden.

Indigo Bunting in our neighbors apple tree.

Summer Lightning Storm.
Sora Rail -Swallow Hollow Trails INWR.

Fragrant Water Lily- Reinstein Nature Preserve.
Ruby Throated Hummingbird - Backyard feeder.
American Toad - night time photo.

Baltimore Oriole on feeder.
Short Eared Owl, Hartland NY .
Long Eared Owl at Golden Hill State Park, Somerset NY.
Snowy Owls on Lake Rd, Somerset NY .
Northern Hawk Owl , Rt 18 & Rt 63 area.
Eastern Screech Owl on our backyard tree.
Gray Squirrel in our wildflower rock garden area.
Marsh Wren - Tonawanda Wildlife Management Area
during the Iroquois Observations, Secretive Birds of the Marsh program.
Great Blue Heron - Olcott beach boat dock area.
Snow covered pine in our backyard.
Another Spotted Turtle at my parents house.
Spotted Turtles at my parents house.
Adirondacks - Mirror Lake in Lake Placid.
A Long Eared Owl while searching for Short Eared Owls.
Common garden spider on our back patio.
Gray Squirrel with Chipmunk on back lawn.
Cedar waxwings at Golden Hill State Park.
Cooper Hawk in neighbors tree.
Red-tailed Hawk.
Northern Mockingbird -Hartland NY .
Golden Hill State Park - Somerset NY .
Niagara Falls.
Ring-billed Gull -Olcott Beach.
Icy Morning - Somerset NY.
Bald Eagle - Feeder Rd, Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge.
Northern Lights from our backyard.
30 Mile Point Lighthouse Somerset NY.
Canadian Geese at Golden Hill State Park boat launch.
Swallow Hollow trail at the Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge.
Monarch Butterfly taken in our backyard garden.
Eastern Bluebird at the Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge.
Barred Owl - during one of our Owl Prowls

American Toad in our wildflower garden.
Rhododendron slightly enhanced.

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mon@rch said...

Tom . . these are all such amazing photos and of the different seasons! Thanks for sharing!