Wednesday, February 18, 2009

2008-2009 Short Eared Owl of New York Study.

New York State DEC Short Eared Owl Study 2008 - 2009


This years the Short Eared Owl study is off to a good start, we have captures 7 Short Eared Owls to date, banding and collecting scientific data of the owls.

3 of the Short Eared Owls were captured in the Town of Hartland which were banded and scientific data collected which then the owls were then release back into their area from which is was captured.

4 more Short Eared Owls were caputered in the Town of Wheatfield.
2 of the Short Eared Owls were fitted with Satellite Transmitter which will send the owls location so it can be monitored and tracked through outs it's travels.

The other 5 Short Eared Owls were fitted with Radio Transmitters to be monitored in the area in which it was captured and released in.

Chuck Rosenburg is a New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Biologist who is in charge of Region 9s Short Eared Owl Study. Chuck spend countless afternoon and evening hours with many volunteers who use Bal-Chatri, Carpet Noose and a Bow Net trap to capture the owls which starts as early as 2pm and could last til 9pm into the night.

Short Eared Owls are a State listed Endangered species, at several sites in western NY.

One objective of the study is to document short eared owl wintering locations in western NY. The information will be used to establish a long-term population monitoring program. Another objective of the study is to monitor short eared owl movement to identify important foraging habits and roost sites.

The findings of the study will ultimately be applied toward developing a conservation plan for this endangered species.

My name is Tom Poczciwinski and I volunteer at the study areas taken many photos of the Short Eared Owls while they are being processed for scientific data. There are several photos of the volunteers who have dedicated countless hours observing and tracking the owls through the evening hours.

These photos that I'm sharing with you will show several of the Short Eared Owls that were capture and released during the study and several of the volunteers who attended the study sessions.

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mon@rch said...

Tom, wonderful review of this wonderful project! Wish I could have made it this season by my schedule wasn't as flexible! I am very happy seeing the last picture with Kyle releasing a Short-eared!