Monday, March 8, 2010

N.Y.S Niagara County BOS March 7th 2010 Owl Prowl

March 7th BOS Owl Prowl with leader Chuck Rosenburg turned out great with several great observations trying for the Barred Owl at our first stop which we heard at a distance but never observed the Owl. The sun was shinning and the warmer temperature made our day long search for Owls comfortable and enjoyable.

Our second stop we observed a Great Horned Owl which is the largest and best known of the common owls which was on its nest which trilling all observers who snapped photos and observed through spotting scopes.

We stopped at several sites one where we observed a Eastern Screech Owl which inhabits all of North America (Gray & Red phased) roosting in a broke off dead tree who seemed comfortable & relaxed who was probably wandering what was so interesting to us, we took photos and observe it through spotting scopes for a short time.

We then headed for the Wilson/Tuscarora State Park on Rt 18 to look for Owls in the pine tree through out the park which turned out no owls but the exercise from the walk felt good. I took this photo of a Red Tailed Hawk flying over Rt 18 on our way to the State Park.

When we finished looking through most of the pine trees at the Wilson/Tuscarora State Parks we headed toward the Town of Wilson for a quick supper. We then headed for the town of Somerset to observe the Snowy Owl who has been seen frequently over the last several month in a plowed field off Rt 18. The 2 photos below were taken taken several weeks ago but i included them on this blog for views to see the large Northern American owl who is just visiting for a short time from Canada's Northern Territories.

We then proceeded to the Niagara County Short Eared Owl study area in Hartland to see if we could observe any Short Eared Owls that frequent the area where 2 Short Eared Owls have been captured one SEO had a backpack type Satellite Transmitter attached, the 2nd SEO had a backpack type Radio Transmitter attached so they can be tracked for the studies research to watch their migrating and roosting travels. We didn't have luck observing any Short Eared Owls foraging but Chuck Rosenburg located the SEO with the Radio Transmitter at a good distance from the road but flew in the opposite direction when it left the roost site. I have attached the next 4 photos of previously captured Short Eared Owls for you pleasure and for educational purposes which will conclude this blog of the 2010 Niagara County Owl Prowl.

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